“We use a lot of chemicals to maintain stable micro control in our everyday equipment. We were finding that some of our chemicals were producing an off gas that was unpleasant to the operators. These Safety Clamps have eliminated that and also allowed us to keep dirt and debris from getting into our chemicals. The different colors help us differentiate between all the chemicals at a glance; great visual metric to help eliminate cross contamination. Awesome product!”

Jubal Trujillo



“Product looks good. Our Clamps have been in use for over 6 months and we’ve had good results. We are very happy and everything is working well. We also get great service if we need anything.”

Bob Martinez

Koppers, Inc.


“My customers and I have found, while using the Safety Clamps, odors from the opened chemical drums, such as chlorine and ammonia, have been greatly reduced.”

Larry Marsh

Nalco, An Ecolab Company

“The Safety Clamp is a great tool in our industry! We are extremely satisfied with this product and it has been a positive addition to our process. It works great on every drum, no matter what size chemical feed tubing or probe we use. It has helped to reduce off-gassing of ammonia vapors in our boiler room and helps us to be compliant with FDA food safety directives.The largest advantage the Safety Clamp has provided to our plant is that it greatly reduces any outside sources from contaminating our chemical product, including air-borne particles, water (from rinsing efforts) and other chemicals, preventing cross-contamination.On a scale of 1 to 10, I would choose a ‘10’ on recommending this product to others!”

Walt Powell,

Dairy Farmers of America

“I love them! They work great at keeping the top of the chemical drum clean and keeping everything in order. I also like how the filters hold up- we rinse them if they ever get chemical build up and they work great time and time again!”

Bryan McPhilimy


“What can I say… they work! The Safety Clamp has done a tremendous job of reducing vapors, and hence, reducing odors. I would highly recommend it for anyone concerned about chemical vapor release.”

Brian Avery

Nucor Steel